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Only, still formidable at age 48 in his spiky leather vest and devil lock hairdo, is a charismatic hulk of a man, a sneering and strutting figure wielding a bass disguised as a medieval torture device. He looks like someone who could execute most of the carnage he sings about. But his vocals are largely a poor Joey Ramone imitation and don't stand up to Danzig's legacy.
Now is it karma? Did I do something 'swell' in a past life? Why me? What did I do to deserve this windfall? Nevertheless, not ever wanting to be one to stand in the way of the incredible cosmic forces of the universe that sometimes send shock waves of kindness, like happy little earthquakes, across the North American continent, I generously accepted the generosity. So on Tuesday night my wife and I plunked ourselves down in two fantastic orchestra seats to watch the show 'Wicked' on the generosity of a generous couple here on the forum that I have never met. But as the show began, I couldn't help thinking how I was sitting in someone else's seats; someone who was probably very disappointed to have to cancel a trip; someone that would at that every moment be dining with her husband and happily watching the show, but was nevertheless still happy to allow my wife and I to enjoy the show in their stead. And meanwhile at that very same moment as the show in NYC began, I later learned that Lena up in Canada was taking her son to a karate lesson and thinking about the two people she and her husband never met, but nevertheless made very happy, sitting in their seats at the Gershwin and enjoying the start of a fantastic Broadway show. Now, if all this karma stuff really works, then something really good will happen to our Canadian friends too.
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Lobbyist Ashley Reed, left, and gambling advocate Perry Green, center, talk with State Rep. Mike Chenault, R Nikiski, in the hall of the Capital in Juneau, May 8, 2004. Reed and Green were lobbying for a bill that would create an Alaska Gaming Commission who would grant licenses for casinos and gambling games and regulate gambling. (AP/Al Grillo)
To avoid malls, traffic and parking, order online. There's still time. The Alaska shipping deadline for most major Internet outlets is Tuesday afternoon. You'll pay extra for overnight or next day air at this point, these are the only options to dispatch parcels here by Saturday but there's relief in clicking the submit button and putting your gifting in other hands.
To DH just because you do physical labor does not mean that you are entitled to be "tired" all the time. Your job that you get a paycheck from stops when you walk in the door at home and your job as father starts. Unfortunately, you do not get paid for this job, but it still has to be done, so DO IT! And FYI we work together and I know you are not THAT tired so STFU! But I still love you!
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There's some gorgeous stuff here. In Everett's dressing room, Richard Curtis congratulates John Maybury on his film Love Is the Devil. Maybury, "drunker than the rest of us", replies: "Why, thank you, Richard. But look at your own achievements. You have single handedly destroyed the British cinema." A brilliant sketch of Everett's doomed stint on Celebrity Apprentice finds his team mate Alastair Campbell "big, badly dressed and sexy, and his sad eyes looked medicated. a big knobbly nose that was made for aggression or at least cunnilingus". Simon Schama is "one of those peculiar fey straights, a male lesbian, more dangerous even than the lesbian herself (when riled)".
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Another story that will make your heart sink: the tragic shooting of a man in Queens who was shot by robbers on Black Friday back in 2009, as the New York Daily News first reported. The elderly man was walking with his new flat screen TV in a parking lot, when robbers ruthlessly shot him dead in an attempt to steal his new purchase. However, the TV didn't fit in the trunk of their getaway car, and witnesses reported that they dumped the TV on the street as they quickly fled the scene of the crime. (Getty photo)rRBflHNUDu


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I'm truly enjoying the design and layout of your site.
It's a very easy on the eyes which makes it much more pleasant
for me to come here and visit more often. Did
you hire out a designer to create your theme? Outstanding work!

I'm truly enjoying the design and layout of your site.
It's a very easy on the eyes which makes it much more pleasant
for me to come here and visit more often. Did
you hire out a designer to create your theme? Outstanding work!


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