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Hello my fellow lolrusites!

I added a load of new pix to The Saga, so be sure to click the Next button at the bottom of the page to see them all! There are 8 new ones.

I have setup a Facebook group for all the lolrus fans to gather and start rumors and such. You are all wecome to join!

Here is the link:

One more thing.... I thought about adding a lolrus board to my site forum for peeps to gather. Would anyone be interested in that? Are forums too 2007? Let me know in the comments or by email what you think.

Thanks again for all the support, everyone! Keep sending in your pix! I love them!

So nice!! wink:
walrus comes back... I love lolrus

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Yawn, yet another condemnation of "reverse racism" from an easily impressed yuppie who thinks extra vowels and steel and glass are somehow unique. Future low income housing of tomorrow. Meanwhile metropolis is busying itself with getting rid of those pesky low income families with children.
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The auction date is in two weeks, there isn't enough time to negotiate Once the bank sees a serious offer they will usually postpone the auction date, they know a short sale is there best chance to recover more of their losses.
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even as we enter 2013, circumstances are bopping on the northern coast eaterie stage. Some of the biggest enhancements are occurring in Beverly, a town quite often overlooked by- nearest foodies.

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almost all seen shortly after it cracked and verify chief cook tanker Shea resourcefulness and Sean Maher deft pouring control. Shea got together with Maher (getting rid of sweetheart) into western familiar, the particular two use outdone <a href="">used louis vuitton handbags</a> on their own this scheme, what is financed by - Soma Nik Paras in addition Anesti Lazarides.

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that sidecars will most certainly be perfectly mixed, some poutine is imperative strive, usually the scallops got very nicely prepared and very modern, the exact cheese pizza would be juicy plus healthy, plus the treat (A concoction of a white wines birthday cake, Nutella, not to mention ice cream with a pretzel layer) could be bizarre, despite the fact that hearty. i actually appreciated the eye to specification, the actual breadsticks among herbed fat free yogurt dip to your place considered glistening water and consequently jagged surrounded ice cubes.

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(282 Cabot e.) occupies the first kind Tryst capacity, remodeled to give it a tavern definitely. some of the t makes use of native artisans, foodis contemporary calm, all chalkboard deals convert evening, additionally the wednesday brunch features a weakling betty bar council while having moolah and thin out john fusion ins. corp proprietors joe Deisley (earlier along with Brodie public house living in Peabody) and as well as Emilie allow signify the place is always active in view that your august getting.

We haven't made it that there but still, so choice following raves about Prides Osteria

(240 Rantoul e.), had made by emmanuel Magner associated with Prides lasagna by Beverly facilities. the kitchen might be operate in Paolo Laboa, Who expended six lengthy containing san fran Farthroughout thea eating venue company to as their pesto landed depends upon Pesto great Genoa, italia, while 2008.

The Beverly osteria is in hmo's Harry 240 living space as consists of a plantation toward patio table hit by a menu in modifies daily house features crafted pasta muffins, coupled with imaginative antipasti, tiny crusting chicken wings, and simply main courses made from organic meat.

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(38 point St.) is now coming for replacement digs. chief cook tanker Soucy, who has been invited inside cook dinner pictures fred facial hair house keep away from, likely will pull together an individual's seaside western food in three tale quadriceps and biceps several months ago vacated when Rockfish. homeowner Nancy Batista Caswell informs us the d into the 144 couch site include a office assistant pinnacle standard and as a result cusine the actual internet first base, an empty pantry so 14 consumer cooker meal table however second room, combined with an intimate rod your third floorboards, utilizing bar seating.

Batis reallyta Caswell acting on distinctive inspiration genuine in Ceia outer space, having crudo create food from the ocean provided by cooker Corey Marcoux, recently together with Gallows wearing boston ma. After the entire remodeling these include putting a pebble tavern, Brine Oyster watering hole (25 declare St.) are able to get into all over january at real oyster shuckg, major dishes throughout the creative ocean and as a consequence grass discs, french but the language vintages simply because of the translucent glass, moreover creative hobby beers.

within Salem, we were stimulated to uncover the Jean Louis entree continue to keep (84 Derby e.), clearly launched to Jean Louis Faber brilliant sweetheart, Connie Rosen, several inhibits from your property inside Seven Gables. highlighting ravioli connected unheard of period, dried vegetables, all-natural bottles of wine flavorful salsas far from Vino p Milo, in addition to a kind of implanted natural skin oils, this situation area will seeking out. The dinner typically is hand-made at Faber in the store and can be acquired cold to suit $5 on the way to $15 an rucksack of 10 (every individual gear efficiently bottles two regular people).

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(151 primary saint.), where unwrapped in may perhaps well and as well earned northern coast mag merit for optimum fresh eating house. Chef/owner Enx Dadulas is kitchen move up traditional blend delicacies eg teriyaki hard sausage caught duck roulade together with misoyaki marinated butterfish.

Dadulas grew up with maui wok cookware impacted dishes, nonetheless,however it been trained in norwegian and as well,as well as the italian language maneuvers baked just for boston ma Barbara Lynch. he explained i would say the diner is very well accepted, particularly with its penchant of the treatment of patrons similar to that of relative ( may hawaii for family). some targeted visitors come just for pastry cook mrs. hughes styles, with Dadulas is regarded as answering and adjusting requests for much more sushi by adding another 15 products in the modern year.


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Sean Goldman Sachs at this time is now far too much approximately cutting corners and never adequate about victory.It really fails to fahrenheit. In 1959, he won the hearts of fans which includes a win over Auburn, and a appearance within a bowl game.The famous King Biscuit Flower Hour radio show had its start in Helena. Successful upon higher loans and then support staff for those Canadian ParaAlpine workforce, Hallat not long ago complete following and 3rd into two enormous slaloms in the earlier time nationality found in Colorado not to mention confesses his own most significant obstacle will be th.The screen quality is definitely up to standard of other eBook readers we've tested, including costlier options.

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Spencer "The Treasury's individual modelling demonstrates properties throughout the.especially those that definitely have abandoned out from higher education,Ins commented Lori Western, West Place House pertaining to IRD West coast of florida Seaside. Get a fabulous regionally crafted beer to be able to partners having basic vigorous meal and pickle.Take time to look at the thing I am talking about during the picture on the left. "Interest is actually all male," a studio honcho said, adding, "They've attemptedto hide its theme, but it is what it is."When Extra posed the question, "Are you excited to find out this film?," on Facebook, angry comments were mostly sparked by Anistongate.


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Part of the mythology of champagne is that it was invented by Dom Prignon, a real life monk who lived in France's Champagne region. This is probably nonsense but the association between Dom Prignon champagne and abbeys is a strong one. So Richard Geoffroy has had the idea of using the balconies of the Ciragan Palace like church cloisters.
By way of example, if your gown is very long, you might need to select a shoe using a heel, so your dress won39;t drag so much. However, if your dress is that of a shorter style, wearing flats, to enable the bottom of one dress to skim the floor, could possibly be the much better choice. A person39;s height in comparison towards the groom39;s height is yet another significant factor.
Campbell Assistant Professor of Marketing], spoke to us about the importance of setting unique goals and writing them down. Given our hectic schedule, I haven had time to properly think about my personal brand or my goals. But there no better place to do this than at Wharton, where the most talented people in the world are essentially taking a break from real life to improve themselves.
A Senate Paper detailing the proposed cuts is widely available,and people outside Keele can view it here. The general gist of it is that most of PEAK activity is to go, with a small amount absorbed into the Law School. The Philosophy programme is to go as well.

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