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He looked very tentative hesitating before turning the ball upfield to run. Commentators chided him for cutting back inside instead of barreling around the corner. I know Anderson isn Earl Campbell, but getting him the ball an extra 5 8 times couldn have hurt..
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Jeanette, thanks and ha! That's a great line and yes, I'm stealing it since I almost always have black on, too. (I do wear lighter color pants in summer sometimes.) The funny thing about the pix is that I just went with the ones I had handy on my computer, and there weren't many of these old ones (since they've had to be scanned in). If I'd dug up the old photos from boxes in the basement, there would be other treasures. and horrors.
Not a witch hunt, I don want people to go after this young girl Goodes, but it a bit late now. As an elite AFL player, he would be trained to know how to act in the spotlight and deal with media. He must have known that his actions would cause subsequent damage to the girl issues in the AFL make news coverage everyday. She on the contrary, is a 13 year old girl not trained to deal with media and social taunt like this. Sure, she has I sure learnt her lesson now, but that it took her being subjected to extreme bullying, I believe was not the way to educate her or the rest of Australia, on racism.
While routine flight delays and bad weather of several days are common at Lukla, the week of delays that Payge describes was extraordinary, and in fact a bit understated. Toward the end of the week that she describes, all the major networks here at home, ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, and MSNBC were featuring daily reports of the deteriorating situation at Lukla, half a world away. It is NOT routine or typical for two thousand or so travellers and trekkers to be trying to exit Lukla all at once. It was sheer pandemonium at one point toward the end of the week.
Just seems like we have the same debate every single year with this club. In 2009 it was Randy Winn and Rich Aurelia, in 2010 it was Bengie Molina and Jose Guillen, in 2011 it was Rowand, Tejada, OCab and Huff, in 2012 it was Nady. In 2013 it was Franceour. This year its Uggla. It wouldn be so bad if the players on this list were riding the pine most games, providing leadership but Bochy loves these guys and will play them day in and day out.
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