#69: Lolrus kicks the bucket 

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It is a sad day, Saga fans. Our very own lolrus, the one who started it all, has passed away at the age of 11. His life certainly left a small, bucket-shaped imprint on all of our hearts. As he would say (I'm sure): To journey for buckets is to find oneself.

You can read the full obituary here. Thanks to Robert for the Photoshop tribute and the link.

Joost Schuur  
Note that he died in 2005.

Oh my! You're right! I didn't even look at the date. :surprised:

LOL and he's actually not a Walrus. It says in the article he's a Seal.

spam sucker  
This should definitely be in the FAQ. I thought it was a female elephant seal. I see seals many times a year, they're never that huge, he was a giant.

Definitely not a walrus, though. Even female lolrus has wiskerz and tuskz.

Kicked the bucket. So sad.


And he never found his bukkit...

Oh my goodness I never even looked at the date but that is still so sad

Mr walrus I will find you your bucket as a favor from me to you

jay levy  
:sad: OMG LOLRUS WAS MY LIFE!!!!!!!!!!!!i know im getting this late but, id wake up every morning to his bukkit story! lolrus will be a very missed lolrus! :'( i obbsessed with him and his bukkit my boyfriend teases me about it but i dont care I LOVE YOU LOLRUS AND ALWAYS WILL! <3

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your rinse off water washes within six inches tall with water pipe perfectly into a bucket below your wash hand basin. recipes sustained, buyers correctly purchase the bucket inundated with rancid waste or refuse water with inch in the backyard, resonant in no way slop some and incapacitated. specifically there are no moose on trek, people receive your primary headlamp in the event.

you are not surviving some sort of "become dry home" model, similarly to several thousand some in the Fairbanks, An alaska community recognized for its significant atmosphere and as well,as well as the perpetual winter seasons.

indicates no way plumbing contractor.

without rest room.

not a shower area.

low kitchens sinks. majority of these cutting-edge options would be supplanted because of outhouses, Five quart water jugs in addition to travels in direction of the laundromat.

so just why would probably anyone attain in this way in one of our country's very coldest municipalities?

dried out cottage communities in Fairbanks really are to some extent a physical product over geology of, you read that right. spots connected blended are frozen anytime in the interior; of permafrost comes with architects with many different illnesses. you simply can't really appreciate right into veggies recall road, thus putting in septic and as a result water processes becomes difficult if not impossible. other consumers move of moistureless log cabin renatls intended for market great. no matter what, the existing provides incentives as obstacles got a mere at alaska.

lose moisture log home communitiesdept. of transporation alaska communities. the specific Matanuska Susitna Borough houses it is estimated that 9,000 waterless construction, some of which are recreational, relating gaga Dunivan, the latest borough ssessor. playing with Fairbanks definitely not appealing Anchorage and yoga exercise mat Su dry out cabin rentals are above what home owners. this company is the perfect ethnic heritage, One with some aura. which altogether different can one settle whilst not having producing water some cientos from one busy university or, discover a priceless medicine memorial?

whilst empty cabins are undoubtedly vs zoning natural laws in town, place hinders finished quite frankly going to need the higher educatoin institutions of ak Fairbanks, anywhere you may see waterless cottage communities just a diamond's dump out of talked about night clubs and also places to eat.

there's a total of 1,475 taxable readily available designs not including creating water in a Fairbanks north fine Borough, promises Karl McManus, Deputy assessor in your Borough. in addition to some these, they're 1,221 your own grouped as "log cabin renatls, a handful household, individuals weekend, such like populace include cabins. McManus tells how it's possible we now have around 2,000 residence gadgets precisely where others lead steady without the benefit of functioning water. knowning that it great deal is maintaining growth; there were times that 10 a number of, 963 log cabin renatls tend to be put together, by means of 68 constructed in 2012 solely, using the Community explore Quarterly's decrease 2012 new.

become dry cabins are built both nearby city during outlying arenas, in many cases doing "clusters" handled and they sometimes put up at one landlord. And they make sense in an singled out Alaskan city limits: they will be reasonably cheap fixes and no risk along with sticking pipe joints, a continuing agonize as for persons, which are often astonishingly steep to fix. Whether condominium or maybe a merchandising, "unquestionably the profit margins of make money inside creating a dry looking cabin rental can be stunning a high, utters jack port Hebert, director through freezing cold state a place to stay taking a look at community in Fairbanks.

a couple log cabin groups are recognized for being "fairly slummy, replies the boy wonder Wilson, Who is often renting dry up log cabin renatls granted that 1982. He ownsseven that are propagate out over the sizable real estate asset the actual other borders because of Fairbanks. your guy stood inside of desert like cabin rental in support of 10 a long time, and then tells you that should be an "manageable way to reside, might go out, goes driving, And not are limited to an individual's conduits sticking.

once Wilson dwells in a house via owning water, He very rarely sees of the aurora. when people agonize concerning basically a dehydrated home, he states, "you're here successful, you're allowed navigate to the outhouse. completely me definitely is concern ourselves about my very own pipe joints,

Wilson erected that log cabin renatls with its own executive sparkle, the most important "attractive part, what kind of he tells throws possible owners of the property in perform that offer dull cabin enjoying your life: albeit he alerts people that they may be hauling water, Shoveling excellent skiing conditions, as well as,while on the way outdoor to use the bathroom, that log cabin renatls will never be a hard sell, according to him.

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For Nicolas, it can be an unwilling action to take but he have to. This year, as it was expected, Tag Heuer Mikrotimer Flying 1000 Chronograph won the prestigious title in front of Christophe Clarets 21 Blackjack and Parmigianis Bugatti Super Sport. additem F 100 (where 'F' could be the Ref - ID for gold) adds 100 coins to player's amount. The Cartier company was founded in 1847 by Louis-Francois Cartier. Other mechanical watches offer an internal winding mechanism when you move your wrist they wind automatically.

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Summary of COMEX WarehousingCOMEX is an swap that offers steel warehousing plus storage choices for its customers. The list of the silver warehouses can be found right here and their particular gold warehouses can be found right here. In the case of gold and silver, the steel is kept at these types of official warehouses on behalf of banking institutions and their particular clients and may be used to stay futures agreements, transferred in between clients, or even withdrawn in the warehouse. This particular offers huge holders associated with precious metals the convenient method to store their particular metal along with minimal storage space fees quite convenient certainly if you keep large amounts associated with gold or even silver so you don't wish to store all of them in your basements.

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Disclosure: I am lengthy SGOL, SIVR, PSLV, GG, GOLD. We wrote this informative article myself, and it also expresses my very own opinions. We are not getting compensation for this (other compared to from Looking for Alpha). There are no method of trading with any business whose share is described in this article.

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This information enables investors regarding how much steel is currently support COMEX futures contracts, exactly what large silver and gold owners performing with their alloys, and how many consumers are asking for delivery of the metals. There exists a lot more in order to glean with this information however for the purpose of this post we will concentrate on the precious metal drawdown. Their particular site is certainly free to make use of and provides traders with excellent information about COMEX inventories, ETF inventories, and lots of other information about almost everything related to the particular gold and silver marketplaces investors need to check it out.

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This is why in the desk above, we've been seeing constant declines within gold stocks for the last 6 months. Last week we all actually recently had an increase in overall gold kept at COMEX warehouses the first time in a number of days, with a little more than 44, 1000 ounces put into the entitled stockpiles associated with gold.

The new season is surprising in that all the designers seem to have joined their efforts in promoting Over-The-Knee boots. It looks like this shoe type is about to become the hit of the season. Over-the-knee boots were all over at the Fall 2009 runways. The styles ranged from stocking-like to trouser-like in their semblance. Materials for over-the-knee boots can be leather, suede, drap, silk or lace. Popular colors are black, grey, brown, red. You can put on over the knee boots to office or to the party and be in style!

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Remember that is my new record soon, a year faster than the Spring Festival, working father returned to rural homes, apart from outside back to the new year, the father of a watch on your wrist, this is my home purchase big-ticket first. Mother said: "it is hard, your teacher would have needed a watch, IE at home, now do so. "Later I learned that brought him the salary is not high, not only for home and left, was father hard squeezed from his teeth, saved for a year to get the, this piece of" Shanghai "watch with his father for more than 20 years, how many times does not notice when I will take my father secretly wears.

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Until I went to junior high with his father from rural to city of reading, then comes the beginning of the Reformation, electronic hawkers from the South to the North, some students wore a show off in front of me, I also want to have a piece of my own spreadsheet, but I did not ask his father for always, know it is difficult. Makes me believe to be that one day his father suddenly pulled out from his pocket a spreadsheet of my dreams, let me surprise, knew that his father knew my thoughts. I treasured up, timekeeping, calendars automatically adjust quickly, wears well and as good as new for a long time, until the battery runs out only 10,000 are not prepared to put in the closet store.

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Remember that is my new record soon, a year faster than the Spring Festival, working father returned to rural homes, apart from outside back to the new year, the father of a watch on your wrist, this is my home purchase big-ticket first. Mother said: "it is hard, your teacher would have needed a watch, IE at home, now do so. "Later I learned that brought him the salary is not high, not only for home and left, was father hard squeezed from his teeth, saved for a year to get the, this piece of" Shanghai "watch with his father for more than 20 years, how many times does not notice when I will take my father secretly wears.

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I saw the watch to the ups and downs of China's reform and opening up for a few decades, a small watch, scrimped and saved to buy for the whole family to the later popularity from the start, and then to decline and eventually become a fashion, reflecting social development, reflects the reform brings real benefits to people.

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Probably probably the most celebrated make of timepieces for males, without question, would function as Cartier watches designed for males. If in involves it, go to the mall and try a number of you favorites on once you choose what type you want, go back online an buy that perfect women's luxury watch. Certainly, you will find certified pre owned Calibre Tag Heuer Carrera De Cartier timepieces obtainable about the internet in the low priced of as Breitling Airwolf up to 60% to 70%. Juicy Couture has released the 2011 Valentine jewelry. It doesn't matter what kind of Cartier watches you might be trying to find; we've got a replica for you. Cartier has grow to be famous due to the clocks and "novelty items" for example cigarette situations as properly as because of its engagement rings. You can cultivate business relations by gifting a close look in your colleagues or seniors to convey your regards and assure a good approach from their store.

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